Our Vision

To touch People’s lives with Soulful, Tasteful & Beautiful Lighting Products & Solutions that are Energy Efficient and provide Happiness & Delight.

Our Mission

  1. To be a reliable Lighting Supplier in the Market with Ethical Business Practices by providing Energy Efficient Quality Products, Excellent Service & Value for Customers, Shareholders and the People who work with us.
  2. Educate and spread the benefits of using energy efficient Green House lighting products  to create awareness and to contribute in the Global efforts of reducing Carbon Footprint from the Environment for Future Generations
  3. To Help & guide Businesses & Consumers to enhance their Homes & Businesses by using proper Lighting Design applications and Products
  4. To create beautiful inspiring spaces by thoughtful Lighting Applications that touch Human Souls by balancing Light, Shadow & Darkness
  5. To make cost effective technologically advanced Lighting Solutions & Products accessible to as many people as possible in Asia & Africa.
  6. To support & contribute to the  Group Vision of eradicating Poverty in Third World Countries

Our Values

We are a part of Sislee Group and follow the values of Sislee Group which are :

  • We will always wear a smile at all times to create positivity in our interactions
  • Customers are the focal point of our Businesses and we will do everything that is possible to provide excellent service and outstanding value for them.
  • We are Honest and follow ethical business Practices and will keep the best interest of our Customers, Shareholders and work colleagues as top priority with Kindness and Patience.
  • We will aspire to leave every person that we meet more happy then we first met them
  • We will under promise and over deliver and delight our customers with an outstanding World Class Experience of doing business with us.